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yogaThe one part of my life that I have struggled to maintain is fitness. Before I had my kids I was up at 5 and at the gym by 5:30. I loved going to the gym and I loved working out. I especially enjoyed lifting weights. It was so interesting to me the ability I had to reshape my muscles, and reform my body. I can’t say I was ever an athlete, but I most definitely enjoyed the benefits I received from working out.

It seems like after each of my boys were born it got harder and harder to find the time. The demands of running BLU Salon and raising my boys defiantly take its toll on my time. So when the 15 minute drive to the gym seemed to encroach on my precious time I began running. Now I gotta say I really don’t like running, but I could get some good results reducing stress, maintaining weight, and getting that all important cardio in all in a 40 minute run. Not only that but it was virtually free, just the cost of a good pair of running shoes. Then last year I took a fall down the stairs when my 9 year old decided to say, “hey Mom catch me”, and he and I went tumbling down all of our weight landing on my foot. I have not been able to consistently run since without pain in my heal.

Of coarse I needed to include some sort of fitness into the 7 Days and 7 Ways of Wellness, but I wanted to include something that was unique, effective, and served mind body fitness.

I reached out to about 5 different fitness companies, and that resulted in my divine appointment with “heated power yoga”.  Jodi and David the owners of Stadium Fitnessdefinitely take pride in offering fitness programs to all walks of life, creating a community around health, wellness, and fitness.

After contacting Jodi and David, and discussing with them what I was up to Jodi invited me to experience a yoga class. My initial thought was, “ok just one more thing to pile on my day, and why can’t I just be a normal salon owner….NO I have to think of 7 Day and 7 Ways to Live Well!” But it seemed that a 5:45pm class worked perfectly into my Tuesday.

Tucked back in what seemed to be an industrial building for mechanical shops was Stadium Fitness Yoga. At first I thought my “Nav” had taken me on another excursion, but no when I parked I saw the sign clearly marked “Stadium Fitness”. I parked walked in and what seemed like industrial on the outside was warm, friendly, and actually very tastefully decorated on the inside.

I was immediately created by David and taken on a tour of the yoga room, the relaxation patio, and an upstairs observation loft.

While talking with David about the philosophy of Stadium Fitness, which BTW is all about community, connection, and personalized growth toward fitness, he happened to say that this was “hot yoga”and the room I was taking my yoga class in would be 85-90 degrees. Oh geez, I seriously hope I do not go into one of my hot flash modes!

I realized on my way during my morning dash out the door I had forgotten my yoga mat, but David and Jodi were prepared for people like me with clean rolled up mats right next to the door, and I was even more embarrassed that I had also forgotten HYDRATION FOR MY HOT YOGA CLASS! Not to worry Jodi came to the rescue once again prepared for my lack of preparation.

So there I sit on my mat with my water in a room that was 90 degrees and in comes Katie, my yoga instructor. I know enough about yoga to know that throughout your vinyasa flow they point is to build heat within the body…ok so I am already pretty hot so this was going to be interesting…and so we begin. Katie was truly an amazing yoga instructor, her voice controlled, forgiving, and confident. Her touch guided me to the proper posture yet was very soothing. About 30 minutes into it I was sweating, shaking, wanting to end this charade I was on but I continued and WOW what an amazing feeling I had coming home!!!!!

Now I live a pretty stress filled life, and this past few weeks has had even me burned out, but 60 minutes in “heated power yoga” concentrating in noting but holding the pose, moving within my vinyasa, and breathing not only got me to forget about what was happening outside this quite, yes HOT, comforting room, and when I left and even 24 hours later my attitude is changed. I am pretty sure no therapist has ever done that for me. My entire body is sore but not to the point of not moving, my muscles are just saying, “Hello Kim don’t forget about us!”

My experience with Stadium Fitness Yoga was just what I needed and I am grateful to Jodi, David, and Katie for taking me in and sharing their warm hospitality with me, and “thank you” for allowing me the experience of “hot power yoga.”

I encourage you to experience all the fitness classes David and Jodi offer at the yoga studio as well as at the Rose Bowl. They have membership pricing and convenient scheduling offering classes throughout the day.

I encourage you to experience all the fitness classes David and Jodi offer at the Yoga Studio as well as at the Rose Bowl. They have memberships pricing and convenient schedulingoffering classes throughout the day. They also offer information events.

Yeah David, Jodi, and your staff for offering a caring supportive environment to our community helping us all “Live Well”.

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