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Beyond Talent Advanced Academy

Kimberly Hansen, Founder of BLU Aveda Salon, believes that to train young cosmetologists from the onset of their career provides each woman with a solid foundation to build success and prosperity for her future. Beauty Living United educates, employs, and builds successful women hairdressers.

The Beyond Talent haircut prices begin at $30.00. All services include our signature complimentary stress-relieving rituals. Our service providers are fully licensed by the state of California. The Beyond Talent Advanced Academy Stylists are completing their advanced training in preparation for their promotion to our salon. Their work is performed under the direction of one of our senior/master stylists and educators.


Q: What is the Beyond Talent Advanced Academy?

A: BLU Salon’s Beyond Talent Advanced Academy is a 52 week apprenticeship program, registered with and follows the US Department of Labor’s guidelines of an apprenticeship program. Through our program we empower young women who are newly licensed in the field of cosmetology with vital technical, business, and life skills. Experience and guidance is the Beyond Talent program’s point of difference.


Q: Why did you create the Beyond Talent Advanced Academy?

A: At BLU Aveda Salon, we are committed to delivering exceptional service to every guest. When a student finishes cosmetology school, they have completed the level of training required to receive their state license. We believe that 1,600 hours of training is not sufficient to master a craft. Our program is 2,300 hours and blends a real-world salon environment with a nurturing and structured learning environment. When a team member is promoted to the BLU Salon technical floor, we know that they are able to deliver the caliber of service expected by our salon guests.

Q: What is the difference between the service at Beyond Talent Advanced Academy and the service at your regular salon?


A: The primary difference is in the level of experience of the service provider. We consider our Beyond Talent team members to be in post-graduate training. We also offer a skin care and waxing services in our salon.

Q: Why are the prices different in the Beyond Talent Advanced Academy from BLU Salon pricing?


A: Service providers working in the Beyond Talent Advanced Academy are in the process of completing an advanced level of training. They have completed cosmetology school and have received their license. Through our Beyond Talent program, they have chosen to refine their skills. All Beyond Talent services are delivered under the supervision of one of our salon’s senior stylists.


Q: What is the cost of services from a Beyond Talent Stylist?

A: Haircut pricing begins at $30. Color Services are 30% less than our regular hair color service pricing.


Q: What’s the difference between Phase II and Phase III stylists?

A: Phase II stylists are in the 17th to 34th week of training. Phase III stylists are in the 35th to 52nd week of training.


Q: What kind of training do Beyond Talent team members receive?

A: The Beyond Talent Phase I skill development includes: foundation haircuts, color theory, color systems and placement techniques. As the Beyond Talent advance through Phase II and Phase III their skill development includes specialty classes, advanced haircutting, advanced hair color placement, advanced hair color formulation, makeup, special occasion styling, barbering, perming, texturizing, and salon-life business building techniques. As part of our commitment to education we also focus on coaching, career-pathing, goal-setting for success and cultivating talent. We want to give our new team members the skill and confidence required to exceed the expectation of every guest.


Q: How can I receive services from a Beyond Talent Stylist?
A: It’s easy, just call BLU Aveda Salon at 626 294-9067, and tell our one of our Reservationists that you would like to receive services from a Beyond Talent Stylist!

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