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The professionals at BLU Salon Arcadia CA know that many of today’s most fashionable hair styles call for smooth, straight hair.  If you’ve ever wondered how to get this look outside the hair salon, and make it last all-day, watch our video to learn more!

If your hair is frizzy and curly and you would like to have straight hair all day, this video will show you how you can do it without visiting a hair salon each time!

Start by using a high quality smoothing shampoo and conditioner, specifically Smooth Infusion Shampoo and Smooth Infusion Conditioner. This will set the stage for fantastically straight hair you don’t have to visit a hair salon to get! Then, you are ready to prep for styling. At this point, it is essential to smooth the hair and protect it from heat styling, so you will want to use Style Prep Smoother. Three to four pumps of Style Prep Smoother is just right for medium length hair. Apply it and then comb through the hair to distribute it evenly.

Now you’re ready to style the hair. To give it that all day straightness and shine, use Smooth Infusion Glossing Straightener. First, section the hair in two for best results. You might need more glossing straightener in the back where the hair is thicker. For coarse hair, apply the straightener from roots to ends. If you have medium texture hair, you’ll want to apply it from midlength to ends. After doing  the back, add straightener to the front of the hair. Then comb through the hair to distribute the Glossing Straightener evenly.
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Transform even the most intense waves and curls into straight, shiny hair!

Now you’ll need a blow dryer with a nozzle attachment, set on high heat. Pre-dry the hair with the nozzle facing downward until the hair is about 70% dry. For best results, separate the hair, clipping each section when you’re not working with it. You may need more sections depending on how thick and long your hair is.

Now you are ready to use the flat wrap technique. A flat bristle brush works best, but you can also try a paddle brush. Start at the nape of the neck, brush the hair tightly and blow-dry toward the right. Brush the hair at the roots to give you a sleeker look and holds the hair straighter at the scalp. After drying in one direction, go back and dry the roots in the other direction. Make sure to dry the hair in small sections, about the width of your brush. Dry the hair from mid-length to end, by placing the brush underneath the hair, holding it tight while blow drying from above, moving slowly toward the end with the brush and dryer. Do this on both sides as well.

To straighten the hairline, use a fine toothed comb, and pull the hair down as you blowdry it. Repeat this process on all parts of the head until the hair is straight. Glossing Straightener will keep your hair straight all day. You can do one more thing if you want poker straight hair. Take a section of the hair, pull it through a flat iron from midlength to end. You will want to use a ceramic iron because it heats faster and protects the hair better. Now, you are ready to finish. Apply Light Elements Smoothing Fluid to the hair to help fight frizz and fly aways.

Although this sounds like a long process, if you follow these instructions and practice a couple of times, you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to make that straight, gorgeous hair that you’ve been envisioning.

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