Beauty Tips By Marilyn Monroe

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Monroe’s face always seemed lit from within. Her secret…facial hair, for real. It was a thin layer of downy peach fuzz on her cheeks that caught the studio lights just so—and she refused to wax it off! No need to grow a beard though, you can mimic Monroe’s luminosity with Aveda’s Inner Light Tinted Moisture increasing radiance 24%, giving a dewy finished that even Marilyn would be envious of. Finish your starlit look with Aveda’s Petal Essence Face Accents, infused with lavender adding the perfect luminous blush to your face.



In 1999, Christie’s auctioned off a makeup bag Monroe once owned for $1 million dollars. In it were some of her makeup favorites, and a set of Glorene of Hollywood false eyelashes. To amp up your eye game like Monroe, Aveda’s Mosscara in Black Forest conditions, thickens, and is opthomoligist tested to keep your peepers clear and your lashes luscious.

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