Blu Hair Salon Pasadena Area Tips on How to Choose the Right Hair Color – Part 1

salon PasadenaWith so many hair colors on the market today, choosing the right color for your hair is not a decision you want to have to make on your own. Your Blu Hair area has the training and expertise to help you select the hair color that’s going to enhance your looks instead of detract from them.  However, we do want to give you some basic information on hair color selection so that you’ll be better prepared to discuss this important decision when you schedule your next appointment with us.


Blu Pasadena area Suggests You Ask Yourself the Following Questions BEFORE Choosing a Hair Color


The purpose of the initial consultation with your Blu Hair hair stylist is to gather information that will help her determine which hair color is going to be the best choice for you. Some information she already knows just by looking at you. There is still some information she needs that only you can provide; therefore, answering the following questions as honestly as you are able will help her recommend the best hair color for you.


Why do you want to change your hair color?


It may be that you simply want to cover the gray hair that is starting to show in your hair. On the other hand, you may only want to experiment with a color change by adding a few highlights to your natural hair color.  Or you may be looking for a total makeover and want to completely change the natural color of your hair. Being clear about why you want to change your hair color and to what extent will help your Blu Hair Salon Pasadena area hair stylist create the perfect look for you.


How much maintenance are you willing to commit to?


A basic rule of thumb that your Blu Hair Salon Pasadena area hair stylist will tell you is that the farther away from your natural hair color you go, the more time you’ll need to devote to maintaining it. In addition, an all-over color change will require more time to maintain than will the addition of highlights to your hair. Highlights can last as long as two to three months and won’t result in a drastic change in looks as they fade. An all-over color change, on the other hand, will probably need to be touched up every six to eight weeks. If you are unable or unwilling to devote this amount of time to maintaining an “all-over” color change, don’t be surprised if your Blu Hair Salon Pasadena area stylist recommends highlights instead.


What kind of hair cut do you have or want?


If you want a new hair cut in addition to a new hair color, your Blu Hair Salon Pasadena area hair stylist will cut it BEFORE coloring it for the simple fact that your new hair color should compliment, and not detract from, the length of your hair. While shorter hair styles look great when the hair is light in color, and longer cuts look really fabulous when hair color is darker, this isn’t a hard and fast rule. Your Blu Hair Salon Pasadena area hair stylist will be able to recommend the right color for your hair cut.


What is the natural color of your skin, eyes, and hair?


Your answers to the first three questions represent personal information about your decision to change your hair color that your Blu Hair Salon Pasadena area hair stylist doesn’t want to make assumptions about. This final question, however, can best be answered by your Blu Hair Salon Pasadena area hair stylist because it is based on her training, experience and expertise as a hair colorist. In Parts 2 of this article series, we’ll discuss two categories that most people fall into that will determine the hair colors that are the right ones for you.


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