Blu Salon Arcadia: Men’s Defined Shape for Short to Mid-Length Hair:

Prep, Style, Finish! Product plus technique gets results: Aveda Men and Blu Salon Arcadia.

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As the stylists at Blu Salon Arcadia know, Men’s scalps can produce twice as much oil as women’s and dirt and dead cells can build up in the leftover sebum, so let’s use Aveda Men Pure-Formance shampoo and conditioner (available at Blu Salon Arcadia) together to sooth the scalp and get clean, conditioned, healthy looking hair. They’re great for daily use.

Moisture content matters: if hair is too dry, it’s hard to apply styling products evenly, but if hair is too wet, it dilutes the products and compromises performance. It’s also important to choose the right styling product for you hair’s length, texture, pigment and your styling objective. Ask your Blu Salon Arcadia Aveda stylist for advice. To shape hair and add shine, use Aveda Men Pure-Formance Pomade, which gives firm, pliable hold and high-shine to the hair, for more formal finish that you can shape and reshape.Salon Arcadia

With concentrated Aveda products, a little goes a long way. Vigorously emulsify the pomade between your hands. Then massage it into the hair from roots to ends, starting in the back where the hair is thickest. If you have longer hair, you can brush the pomade through the hair to ensure even application. Just do not over-brush, or you’ll flatten the hair. Shape the hair with your hands until you get the look you want. If you want more shine, you can comb through the hair. You’ll end up with the high shine and hold of  traditional pomade, without the paraffin or petroleum base. Because the pomade from Blu Salon Arcadia is water-based, it’s must gentler on the scalp and it also washes out more easily.

To finish, use Aveda Men Pure-Formance aroma spray, with certified organic essential oils of spearmint, vetiver, and lavender (also available at Blu Salon Arcadia.) You can mist it on, or spray a little onto the chest or forearms; wherever you prefer.

Prep, style, finish, with Aveda Men and Blu Salon Arcadia!

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