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Blu Salon Pasadena area would like to introduce you to Control Force Hair Spray.

Blu Salon Pasadena area is proud to introduce the most amazing tool on the market which provides superior control for those extreme styles, protecting our environment all-the-while. Aveda’s Control Force hairspray provides the ultimate hold.  Find out more by watching the following video:

The solution to provide structure to the most unruly hair by  Blu Salon Pasadena area

Blu Salon Pasadena area and Aveda bring a solution to provide structure to the most unruly hair while caring for the environment is its Control Force Firm Hold Hair Spray, available at Blu Salon Pasadena area. Since it offers a very substantial hold, you won’t be compromising performance. Better yet, Control Force has a net zero climate impact, so you won’t be compromising your green values either. Blu Salon Pasadena area is proud to carry Aveda, the first beauty company to offset the CO2 effects of aerosols, by funding renewable energy … which benefits our whole planet.

Even in the challenging conditions of filming in this beautiful desert (as seen in the video below), Control Force from Blu Salon Pasadena area gives you all day firm hold and 24 hour humidity defense. This is exactly what you need to keep your style going strong, whether you’re in the heat of the desert or the heart of the city.

You just heard some of the great reviews Aveda got at fashion week:

* “The thing i like most about Control Force is it’s hold. It goes on, it’s dry, it’s quick, it’s easy to work with, but the greatest thing is, it holds.  It’s great for finishing, it’s great for working with the hair, it’s an awesome product. “
* “Talking to you guys about the new control force.  Love it, it’s great stuff, we’ve been using it a lot to put hair up. You know, where Air Control is a bit of a texture spray, Control Force provides a solid, firm hold.  It’s the good stuff, it’s the stuff that is going to make it stay up there. Use Air Control to get the hair where you want it, and then the Control Force just sticks it right there. It’s like a shield on the hair.”
* “well when you use it it’s probably for setting hair like we’re doing today, so once we get done with everything, we’re going to go through and wrap it all up.”  ” The difference between air control and control force is air control is more of a flexible hold, where as control force is really more of your firm hold, and really you’re going to spray it and it’s going to stay.”

Stylists are amazed by what Control Force, available at Blu Salon Pasadena area,  does for hair.  And they love that it has a net zero impact on the climate … through Aveda’s investment in renewable energy.  It’s important to Blu Salon Pasadena area, to our planet , and to all of Pasadena

Order some now! Purchase Control Force at Blu Salon Pasadena area, one of the best salons in the Pasadena area! Or you may go directly to the Blu Salon Pasadena area Aveda products site!

May the “force be with you” – that’s Aveda’s Control Force Firm Hold Hair Spray from Blu Salon Pasadena area!

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