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Blu Salon Pasadena Area – It’s gone on for decades now: the epic battle to tame frizz. An on-going struggle against the very nature of our hair.  The weapons of choice . . . straightening irons, hot rollers, oils, gels and relaxers.  However, the professionals here at Blu Salon Pasadena Area are here to call a truce! We say, "stop the battle and put down your weapons." Frizz is in, and some of the top fashion experts agree.  Take a look at these top looks brought by Glamour magazine straight from Spring 2011 fashion week in New York:

5 Spring Beauty Tricks to Try
Glamour’s editors hit the ground at Spring 2011 New York Fashion Week (lucky us, we know!) to scout the best backstage beauty tricks. Here’s your new spring beauty to-do list.

Spring Beauty Trend #5: Stop Fighting Frizz (Seriously!)

It’s back—in a big way. Our quick how-to for the supersize look at Marc by Marc Jacobs: Apply a volumizer to damp roots, blow-dry while scrunching to coax out texture. Then use a crimping iron on one-inch sections and gently brush out. Tease and hairspray.
Photo: Arun Nevader/Getty Images

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If you’re looking to update your look and make that frizz work for you, let one of our professional stylists at Blu Salon Pasadena Area help.  Call today for an appointment.

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