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Take a look in the windows of any Salon Pasadena region and you will see a similar picture: Men and women working to return damaged hair to it’s natural luster and beauty. Watch the following video to see how the use of hair salon quality products from Blu Salon Pasadena area can help you in achieving healthy, gorgeous hair.

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How to repair damaged hair – Blu Salon Pasadena Area

Is your hair damaged? It is if you regularly blow dry or flat iron your hair, or if you use chemical treatments such as perming or bleaching! Blu Salon Pasadena area, recommends Aveda’s Damage Remedy Daily Hair Repair to instantly repair your hair AND protect it from heat styling.

Aveda went to Antelope Canyon in Arizona for a shoot about this innovative product. Since Damage Remedy repairs hair from the inside out, Aveda decided to go to the inside of the earth to film a short video.

The filming was done in this location to draw attention to the plight of caves and canyons around the world and the need to protect these beautiful and unique environments.

How does Damage Remedy Daily Hair Repair from BLU Salon Pasadena area work?

Small links of amino acid in Quinoa protein permeate the hair shaft to strengthen and repair hair from the inside. Wheat protein coats the surface of the hair to help prevent damage from heat styling. Soy oil detangles to prevent breakage. Because it’s a leave-in treatment, Damage Remedy continues to help to protect damaged hair after you apply Pasadena

Certified organic essential oils from Bergamot, Mandarin, and Ylang Ylang create an uplifting aroma and Daily Hair Repair from Blu Salon Pasadena area helps to keep your hair healthy using the power of plants. That’s why it’s your Blu Salon Pasadena area prescription for damaged hair! It’s perfect for medium to coarse damaged hair, as well as fine hair that has been bleached or highlighted.

You can apply Damage Remedy from Blu Salon Pasadena area after any Aveda Shampoo and Conditioner

However, if your hair is severely damaged, you might want to use the complete Damage Remedy System from Blu Salon Pasadena area to keep your hair looking its best.

The professional stylists at Blu Salon Pasadena area are dedicated to helping you achieve a fantastic style using Aveda’s quality, natural products. Stop by Blu Salon Pasadena area or and contact us today to find more ideas for healthy, fantastic hair.

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