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Blu Salon Arcadia – For centuries women have struggled to find their beauty philosophy.Should they resign themselves to grow old naturally and accept natures’ natural course as it is played out on their body, or fight it tooth-and-nail, often going to extremes as far as their budgets will allow to reverse the process with sometimes unreal results? Blu Salon Arcadia has seen signs and is happy to support followers of a new philosophy outlined by More Magazine:

The Look Good For Your Age Movement

by Emily Listfield

SPA LOCATIONYears ago, I had a friend whose husband gave her money for a face-lift as a 50th-birthday present. (Before you rail against him, let me clarify: She convinced him it was the only gift she truly wanted.) As she prepped for surgery, she began to talk to the other women waiting to go under the knife. Each of them was on the verge of turning 50. The face-lift, it seemed, was a rite of passage for a certain type of woman at a certain time.

That time is gone. Women have moved away from wanting to look as young as possible in favor of wanting to look as good as possible for their age. “In the past, women could go into a doctor’s office and end up looking ‘younger,’ but it was rarely a natural look,” says Jon Turk, MD, a New York plastic surgeon. “We’d rely on pulling and tightening. There’s nothing graceful about a face-lift pulled behind the ears. Now women prefer to maintain a more subtle, natural beauty. It’s not necessarily about looking younger. If someone looks good for her age, it implies that she has a healthy lifestyle, that she is happy.”

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At Blu Salon Arcadia our goal is to help our customers look fantastic for their age.  Stop by our location at: The Promenade at Westfield, Santa Anita, 400 South Baldwin Ave, Arcadia, CA (626) 294-9067 for a full menu of our look-young services. Or visit our website:  Blu Salon Arcadia.

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