Let Blu Salon Pasadena Area Create the Perfect Haircut for Your Face Shape (Part 1 of 3)

The Experts at Blu Salon Pasadena area explain how your face shape relates to the best hair style for you!

salon PasadenaThe next time you visit Blu Salon Pasadena area and ask your hair stylist to create your favorite celebrity’s hair style, don’t be surprised if s/he declines. The best haircut for you is not necessarily the one worn by your favorite celeb. Why? Because the haircut that’s perfect for you is going to be determined by the shape of your face, and unless your favorite celebrity has the same face shape as you, copying her haircut may prove to be an expensive mistake.

No matter how well the haircut is executed, if it doesn’t suit your face shape, it’s not going to look good on you. Blu Salon Pasadena area hair stylists are trained to analyze the shape of your face and recommend a hair style that highlights your best features and minimizes the less pleasing ones. The result is a haircut that is not only stylish but flattering, too.

The Perfect Face Shape – Blu Salon Pasadena area

Most hair stylists agree that the oval shape is the best face shape to have. It is perfectly proportioned, with the length of the face 1.5 times longer than its width and the forehead the same or a bit wider than the jaw. Individuals with oval-shaped faces are blessed with the ability to wear just about any haircut or style imaginable.

If you don’t have an oval–shaped face, don’t despair. Your Blu Salon Pasadena area hair stylist knows exactly what to do to give you a haircut that will create the illusion of an oval-shaped face.

Determining Your Face Shape

It’s easy to figure out which face shape you have. Read the descriptions below; then look in a mirror to determine which one is the best match your face shape. Be sure to pull your hair away from your forehead and ears in order to see all of your face.

You can also measure your face if you are unsure whether it is shaped like an oval.  Using a ruler, measure from the top of your head to the bottom of your chin and then from one side of the widest part of the face to the other. If the length is 1.5 times longer than the width, and the chin and forehead are close to the same width, then you are blessed with an oval-shaped face.

If you still aren’t sure, your Blu Salon Pasadena area hair stylist will be more than happy to do a complete face-shape analysis for you.

Six More Face Shapes

In addition to the oval shape, there are six more face shapes. As you read the description, think of the geometric shape each one describes to get a better feel for what this face shape looks like.  Then click the link to find out the types of haircuts that work best with each one.

• Round shape.  The face is circular in shape; the chin is round, and the length of the face is equal to its width.
• Square shape.  Square faces have a strong, square jaw line; the forehead is also square, creating a short, squat face.
• Rectangular shape.  Also called “oblong,” this face shape is long and narrow, with a long cheek line and square jaw and hair lines.
• Heart shape. This face shape has a wide forehead and narrow jaw line, similar to a heart or inverted triangle.
• Triangle shape. The opposite of the heart shape, the triangle- or pear-shaped face is wide at the jaw line and narrow at the forehead, with a round chin.
• Diamond shape. Finally, diamond-shaped faces are wide at the cheeks, which are typically high, and narrow at the forehead and chin.

You can trust the hair stylists at Blu Salon Pasadena area to recommend a haircut and style that are perfect for your face shape. Call for an appointment today at 626.294.9067. Also, if you are new to Blu Salon and Aveda Stör, check-out our new client special at Blu Salon Pasadena area.

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