Let Blu Salon Pasadena Area Create the Perfect Haircut for Your Face Shape (Part 2 of 3)

Continued from: “Let Create the Perfect Haircut for Your Face Shape (Part 1 of 3)”

In Part 1 of this article, we described seven face shapes and helped you determine which one most closely resembles your facsalon Pasadenae shape.  In this article, we’re going to take a look at how to create the illusion of an oval face shape based on how the hair is cut and styled. Blu Area hair stylists will be able to help you identify your face shape and apply these techniques to create the perfect haircut and style for you.

We haven’t forgotten about those of you with perfectly shaped oval faces. It’s just that, with your face shape, just about any haircut and style will work. Short, medium, or long – whatever length you choose to wear your hair doesn’t matter. Lucky you!

If you have one of the six other face shapes, Blu Salon Pasadena Area hair stylists will use some of the following techniques to cut and style your hair.

Round Shape

Because this face shape tends to have a round chin and hairline, making the face look short, your Blu Salon Pasadena Area hair stylist will provide the illusion of length by keeping the cut short, adding layers on top, and keeping the sides of your hair flat. If you want a longer cut, it’s essential that the sides are kept as flat as possible to avoid making your face appear wider.

Square shape

Another “short” face shape, the square shaped face needs a haircut and style that’s going to lengthen the face.  It also needs a style that will “soften” the square jaw line. Blu Salon Pasadena Area hair stylists achieve these effects by layering the hair around the square forehead and jaw line to create the illusion of an oval. Height at the top of the head will also elongate the face. This face shape works well with short- to medium-length hair.

Rectangular shape

Similar to the square-shaped face, the rectangular or oblong face shape differs in that the sides of the face are long. Your Blu Salon Pasadena Area hair stylist’s goal, then, will be to “shorten” the face by adding width to the sides. Adding width to the face can be accomplished with a chin- or shoulder-length haircut s that either turn under or flare out at the sides. Longer hair air that is layered, wavy, or otherwise textured will add volume to the face.

Read Part 3 of “Let Blu Salon Pasadena Area Create the Perfect Haircut for Your Face Shape” this series to find out how to cut and style hair for the heart, triangle, and diamond face shapes.

Let Blu Salon Pasadena Area hair stylists give you the perfect cut and style that is perfect for your face shape.  Call for an appointment today at 626.294.9067.

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