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Blu Pasadena Salon – As with many other aspects of modern life, current trends in men’s grooming embrace contradiction. More than any other era, men are choosing their style based on their personal preferences rather than donning the standard uniform of their peers.

The 1950’s Clean-Shaven Look – Blu Pasadena Salon

No one can deny the amazing success of the Madmen series and the influence it’s had on fashion trends. At Blu Pasadena Salon we’ve experienced a marked increase in men seeking the well-tailored, clean-cut image reminiscent of the 50’s. After all, who can resist the essence of this era that gave birth to the suburb, dark, tailored suits, the “bob”, and pleated, knee length skirts?

This well-groomed trend has shown itself to be attractive to those longing for the simplicity and order of this bygone era.  What’s more, those choosing this image which signified conformity in its day, now express an image of revolt against the modern values of society.

The Unshaven Revolution – Blu Pasadena Salon

In stark contrast, the New York Times has recently acquainted its readers with the contradictory trend they’ve coined as the “whisker rebellion.” (see “Whisker Rebellion”) The New York time described pursuers of this latest movement seek freedom from unnecessary restriction; protesting against the rules of society in favor of the more wily values of the mountain man. However, as simplistic as this fashion trend may seem, you may want to consult the professionals at Blu Pasadena Salon to “pull-it-off” properly. After all, incorrectly executed, seekers of this look may appear more reminiscent of the typical couch potato than the Marlboro man!

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